"Beverly Hills 'Plastic Surgeon to the Stars' Reveals a Non-Surgical Facelift Secret That Can Make You Look Up to 10 Years Younger in Just 7 Days!"

Dr. R. Lee Schmidt, Cosmetic Surgeon

Cosmetic Surgeon Shunned by California Medical Community for Making the Rounds in Beverly Hills with His 100% All-Natural 'Facelift System,' Saving Patients $25,000 or More on Unnecessary and Dangerous 'Youth-Enhancing' Medical Procedures
Before & After in Only 7 Days
Meet California Glow Founder and CEO
Monica Susan Summers-Main
"My journey for 100% all-natural skincare started when I was diagnosed with having skin cancer a decade ago.  It was then that I began to uncover the dark truths behind the commercial skincare industry and how 99% of the products out there will not only help facilitate cancer growth in your body but is also making you sick, depressed, and lethargic...and you probably don't even know that it's your skincare that's doing this to you!  Now it's time for you to start using 100% all-natural yet highly effective skincare, starting with my powerful 7-Day Facelift System!"
Real Testimonials, Real Results of the 7-Day Facelift!
Here's What Some People Are Saying About This AMAZING 7-Day Facelift System:
"The very best product for psoriasis since my skin is highly sensitive and I can only use all-natural products.  The 7-Day Facelift is a miracle!  Try it and you'll believe it too!"

~Leslie B., Colorado
"As a Registered Nurse, I've tried MANY skincare products out there and none have worked THIS well before! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this system to everyone!"

~LeeAnn D., California
"California Glow's 7-Day Facelift gives me smooth, satin-like, youthful skin in only 7 days.  I've never seen anything like it in any product anywhere!"

~Henrietta C., Indiana
Get Your Introductory 7-Day Facelift System and SEE Immediate Results ASAP!
Only $39.95 Plus $5.95 for Domestic Shipping and Handling
Why You Need the 7-Day Facelift System:
Dr. Schmidt Doesn't Endorse Any Other Skincare Product Line Except for Ours!
Doctor Endorsed and Recommended
Dr. R. Lee Schmidt Has Plenty of Experience Putting People Under the Knife.  "Plastic Surgery Isn't Always the Answer," He Says.  "There Are All-Natural Ways to Beautify the Skin, Making It More Subtle and Younger-Looking.  The 7-Day Facelift is One of the Ways You Can Get an All-Natural 'Facelift' Which is Safer, Easy to Do, and More Cost-Effective Than Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery.  Simply Use the Serum Twice a Day After Cleansing Your Face.  (There is a Day and Night Serum in Your Box Along With Other Youth-Enhancing Components for a Complete Beauty Regimen.)  This is the Most Effective Kit Out There and it Has All-Natural Ingredients Which is Why I Recommend It."
Your 7-Day Facelift in a Box from California Glow, Completely Free.  Just Pay Shipping and Handling of Only $9.95 (Domestic).
The Science Behind the Ingredients
Your 7-Day Facelift Box Includes Several 100% All-Natural Components:  

* Daytime Serum
* Nighttime Serum
* Gentle Cleanser
* Vitamin C Toner 
* Creamy Charcoal Masque
You'll Also Get a FREE BONUS Gift for Your Beauty Regimen!  Yes, You'll Be Receiving a COMPLETE BEAUTY KIT Which Contains EVERY ITEM NEEDED for Your Complete 7-Day Facelift Treatment Plus a Free Gift!
Before and After in Only 7 Days!  You'll Notice the Elimination of Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Dark Circles Under the Eyes!
Amazing Results Noticed By Everyone
Within No Time At All You'll Have Friends, Family and Acquaintances Asking If You've Had Work Done on Your Face.  It Will Be THAT Noticeable.  You Can Expect Your Skin to Start Glowing While Looking More Youthful As Your Fine Lines and Wrinkles Drastically Diminish.  Your Face Will Be Smoother, Softer, and Younger-Feeling.  This Product System Works Like NO OTHER on the Market Today Due to It's "Dual-Power" Ability to Work BOTH Day and Night with 100% All-Natural Ingredients in Every Element of Your 7-Day Facelift.  Why Waste Your Time on More Over-the-Counter Skincare Brands that NEVER Work When You Can Finally Get the All-Around Youth-in-a-Box Solution to Get the Younger-Looking Skin that You've Been Wanting for So Long?
324 South Beverly Drive, Suite 458
Beverly Hills, CA 90212 USA

This Product Has NOT Been Evaluated by the FDA.  This Product is NOT Intended to Diagnose, Treat, Cure or Prevent ANY Disease.  As With ANY All-Natural or Health Regimen, It's Highly Recommended that You Consult With Your Physician Beforehand.
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